Life moves fast. It gets stressful. Outside challenges and inner worries swirl around in our consciousness and can be quite consuming. We can also snap out of it when we choose! Here are 3 ideas to relax and feel better:


  1. Mindfulness meditation: I know, I know. Everyone says to meditate. It’s hard to calm your brain down. You don’t feel like you’re good at it. There’s all these things…and yet if you just start and keep going, it works.

    Meditation involves focusing your attention on the present moment and letting go of any thoughts or distractions that may be causing stress.

    When you commit to it, over time, you find that you are more present and relaxed in your moments.


  2. Chakra balancing: This involves aligning and balancing the energy centers in the body, known as chakras, to promote relaxation and a sense of well-being. The goal when working on chakras is to weave the focus in in subtle ways throughout your day. You can use crystals, foods, meditations, and more.

    If you’re using crystals, check out The Crystal Bible. It’s one of the first books I got on the topic and is still one of my faves to this day.


  3. Reiki: This is a form of energy healing that involves channeling healing energy to promote relaxation and balance in the body. You can either book a session with me, or you can learn reiki and practice it on yourself. Or both!


    Happy healing. I hope you found one tool you can act on before you click on with your day 🙂