Minneapolis-St Paul Reiki

Creating sacred space to tune in to your needs, rest and heal is one of the most loving things you can do for yourself.

Reiki sessions can give you just that!

Set your intention.
Take care of yourself.
Relax into your week ahead.


Creating sacred space to tune in to your needs, rest and heal is one of the most loving things you can do for yourself.

Reiki sessions can give you just that!

Set your intention.
Take care of yourself.
Relax into your week ahead.

When you take care of yourself, you take care of the world. 

what is reiki?



Reiki is translated directly as
rei= universal power, energy
ki= the fundamental life force flowing through all things.


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It uses light, intentional touch to bring balance and wellbeing to body, mind and spirit. 

Reiki has been known to assist with healing of all physical, mental, and spiritual discomforts! It helps create ideal conditions for the body to tap into its innate ability to heal itself. Positive changes can be experienced in just one session.

Reiki can help treat:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Digestive problems
  • Chronic pain
  • Stress-related illnesses
  • Back pain.
  • Hip pain.
  • Cancer
  • Surgical recovery
  • Fatigue
  • Heart Disease
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • And more!

Sessions last approximately one hour. Here’s how it works…

Step one


What brings you in for Reiki? We’ll discuss how you’re feeling, basic info about you and your health, and set intentions for your session and our work together.

If you’ve never had reiki before, I’ll also share with you what you can expect from your session and how to care for yourself following.

step two

Reiki session

For the reiki session, you get comfortable on the table. Touch is applied to the reiki positions, which can be best described as healing touch. 

Reiki works on physical, emotional and spiritual levels to create balance and healing in your body.

step three

Wrapping up

We’ll discuss how your session went, anything you may have noticed during the session, questions you may have, and my feedback from your session.

I’ll also share tips and ideas for how to carry the work you’ve started into your days ahead, to support your peace and overall well-being.

cost: $125




Message me for upcoming dates!

Distance Reiki:

Distance Reiki is available by appointment. Learn more and schedule here.



New clients, please email to schedule your first session. After your first session, you will be given calendar access to book subsequent sessions.


Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you give in-person sessions in Minneapolis?

I lived in Minneapolis for most of my life! It’s my second home and my daughter attends college in Minneapolis. I love to frequent the city, and while I don’t keep a strict schedule, I do come often! Email me for upcoming availability.

Is Distance Reiki as effective as In-person Reiki?

Distance Reiki sends Reiki energy through time and space, and can be just as powerful as in-person. Learn more about Distance Reiki here!

What is your cancelation/rescheduling policy?

We are a small business. When your appointment time is reserved for you, we make it unavailable to others. We require at least 24 hour notice for all cancelations and reschedules, to provide adequate time to share your appointment time with someone else.

Reschedules and cancelations made less than 24 hours before your appointment time will result in a charge of 50% of the full price service amount. No shows will incur a charge of 100% of the service cost. 

What do I wear to my session?

Comfort is key! Wear clothing that you can feel comfortable lying on a massage table in for up to an hour. Some clients prefer to remove layers, as you would with a massage session, to access greater rest and openness.

You choose what is best for you!

Can reiki assist with healing past traumas and energies that linger??

Reiki is soothing, healing, balancing. Very restorative. It is a wonderful addition to any self care routine.

While I don’t see it as a stand-alone treatment for trauma healing, it can be an excellent first step on your path, or addition to your current routine.

If something comes up that is outside of my scope, I will let you know and will share resources for additional support as relevant/requested.

I have anxiety and am concerned about the energies that may come up. Is reiki safe for me?

Yes! I believe that our bodies will only bring up that which we are ready to process and work through. That said, you are always fully in charge. If you are ever feeling uncomfortable in a reiki session, know that you can stop at any time! Reiki provides a gentle and nourishing space for healing.

What can I expect after my reiki session?

After a session you can expect to feel relaxed, aware, and in tune with your higher self. 

After a session, you may need to do some emotional processing over the next few days, up to a week. If this happens, allow the images to come, see them without resisting them, and let them go.

Most people feel wonderful after a reiki session and continue to feel better and better!


"I would absolutely recommend you to others! This was truly an amazing experience."

"I feel much more grounded and yet a lot more energized."

"I felt calm and refreshed. I felt more grounded. My mind felt clear."

"I definitely felt lighter and more aligned."

"I was blown away at how powerful [my reiki session] was!"

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