Mercury Retrograde is here!

This time of year always seems to get a bad wrap. Even when Mercury isn’t retrograde, let something happen to your phone, computer, an important meeting you were looking forward to falls through … what’s the first thing many people look to? Mercury retrograde.

All the stories of Mercury retrograde seem to signal impending doom in our communications and with our tech devices. This year, let’s look beyond that narrative.

What exactly is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury Retrograde is an event that happens three – occasionally four – times a year. It’s a time when Mercury appears to be spinning backwards, and it lasts about three weeks.

So, why the bad rap?  Mercury is the planet that rules communication. When it goes retrograde, all things involving communications tend to go wonky. Plans may be delayed. Technology snafus can occur. It can be a lot. 

It’s also not generally seen as a time to sign new contracts or enter into new endeavors.

BUT if we shift our focus from this buzzy take on Mercury retrograde, it is also a wonderful opportunity to do work in your personal world. 

Mercury retrograde is a good time for all things RE:






And, because this is the New Year (if you’re reading this at the beginning of 2023), I would also add in Re-fresh, Re-new, Re-invent.

Mercury retrograde is a time to look under the hood, assess how you are currently doing, and create space in your inner world for whatever you’re ushering in. 

This Mercury retrograde, carve out a little time to go within, so you can spend time with your best self!

A few of my fave ideas:

Journaling- do a free flow of everything that’s been holding you back or getting in your way. Also, try asking what you’re ready to call in, and what you need to release to move forward


Clearing your calendar- create space for your mind to roam!

Reiki- schedule a session to clear out unhelpful energies, rest, heal, and balance your body. 

Happy Mercury Retrograde! Let’s see what magic comes of it. 


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