It’s super easy to start the new year excited about possibility. We jump to work on our goals and set intentions to work big and hard every day.

Things go smoothly at first!

But then, life sets in. Pace quickens elsewhere. Motivation decreases. Ultimately those everyday big actions turn into postponed actions, excuses, and frustration.

Sound familiar? Want to change the cycle? Check out these 7 Ways to be accountable to your goals in the New Year:

  1. Bad bish in the morning
    When you awaken each morning, spend a little time with the version of you who has accomplished your goal. How do you feel? What are you planning to do? How do you show up? What do you know to be true about yourself?


  2. Write it down!
    Jot down each thing you do each day in service of your goals. No matter how big or small! This not only keeps you accountable, it also shows you just how much those small actions, over time, create outcomes you adore.


  3. Pick a time of day
    In Tamara Leavitt’s Daily Calm on Practice, she discusses our tendency at this time of year to set goals that require daily attention. We start with a lot of ambition and momentum, but then life gets full and we start to skip days.

    To encourage consistency, pick a time of day that works for you and stick with it.


  4. Pick an achievable length of time
    Unrealistic goals are disheartening. Set small, approachable goals each day. Do more on the days you have more stamina.


  5. Have your plan for the day ready before the day
    There’s nothing quite like sitting down to work, and wondering where you should start. When you wrap up your day’s work, write yourself a quick note on where you’re at and what the most important next steps are. This way when you do start to work on your goal, you won’t need to think about where to begin. Just read and go!

  6. Program your sleep
    Each night when you go to sleep, look at your goal. Remind yourself why you are creating this for yourself. Fall asleep in contentment with all that you are, and your power to create your dreams. Thank yourself for showing up for you.

Get it? The idea is to spend time with your best self. The more time you can spend in alignment with what you want, the better the results you’ll see.