The full moon in Leo is here! As the moon is at its fullest expression, generally full moons offer us a time to be our fully expressed self. Leo offers us a big opportunity to do just that! Take center stage!

We’re often convinced that we should humble ourselves, to not shine too brightly, to not “outdo” others around us. We’re shown that there’s power in being a part of the whole. While these are noble and worthy of pursuit, there’s also a time to shine big and be confident and thankful for all that you are. This is it!

Leo energy is all about rulership, courage, burning bright, and passion. It’s big heart energy!

Here are a few ways to tap into the energy of this new moon today:

Journal prompts:

Free flow with these prompts until you’ve satisfied each one. It’s helpful to ask yourself questions like “What else?”, and “Is there anything more?” a few times, to make sure you get it all out there.

1. What have I accomplished that I am proud of?

2. Where do I shine?

3. What are my unique gifts and blessings?

4. How can I share myself more fully with the world?

5. What gets in the way of me being my fullest self?

6. If I could be anything…anything at all…who would I be?


Usually we’re taught to not take up space, and to be considerate of those sharing this world with us. Let’s take a new spin on that. If you find yourself trying to fit (shrink) into your environment, try this next time you’re out:

Imagine that the world is entirely yours. You are the ruler of everything and have ultimate dominion of everything around you.

Soak in the energy of being the ruler of your world, of not needing permission, of not needing to tiptoe. 

See the people around you and be so thankful that you have the heart to share your universe with them. You don’t impede on how they move. You don’t wish to stop them. You want for them to thrive too.

But you? You are the ultimate ruler. You are in charge of your universe. You move freely. You speak freely. You mess up freely. You thrive freely. You are exactly who you are and you are safe.

Carry this energy with you and do you, fully! Big Leo energy!