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Let’s talk about repeating patterns and self sabotage.

You know that thing in your life that you…

  • Identified as a limiting belief
  • Decided you need to do something about
  • Did the work
  • And got over…

But then one day you noticed you just did the same. freaking. thing again?!

Yeah, that’s a crappy feeling. And usually crappy thoughts follow.

‘I thought I was doing better.’
‘I can’t believe this is happening again.’
‘Why can’t I seem to get it right?’
‘I suck at life.’

Here’s the deal: That pattern that you’re so mad at yourself for repeating may be *exactly* what you need in your life right now.

So before you go kicking yourself all day (which may leave a bruise and really isn’t all that productive), check out the video at the top of this page to understand what’s really going on, and how to turn that setback into a setup!

Happy creating!

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