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Get it while you can.  This 50% off sale closes at 11:00 pm CST on 5/30/17. My latest and greatest, discounted steeply for you. Read on…


Work With Me

Strategy Sessions

You + me + everything you need most in your biz right now.

Website planning— whether it’s time to finally launch your site, or update it so it’s a little more 2017 and speaks to your ideal clients, or time to make the leap from SquareSpace or Weebly to WordPress (which I love and swear by)…

Social media planning–ready to get serious about your social media presence? Let’s talk best platforms for you, how often to post, how to create awesome graphics.

Email marketing strategy–which platform is best for you right now? How often should you be emailing? Is it time for a new email template?  How do you increase your open rates? Your burning questions, answered.

Plus, organizing your day, building your team, creating a cohesive online presence, and more.

How it works: I’ll take 30 mins to look over your big picture and check out whatever you’d like me to lay my eyes on: your website, social media presence, email marketing, team (or lack thereof!), and help you put a plan into action. Then we’ll meet for an hour to get you clear and taking action!

Cost: $350
Today ONLY: $175
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**Important: There are NO REFUNDS for this purchase, so make sure it’s what you want before you get it!!!

6-Week Biz Makeover

Six weeks of you + me + your custom plan to take your business to the next level. 

What it includes…
6 weeks
6 1-hour Skype (or FaceTime) sessions
Unlimited Email Support

What we’ll cover…
-Anything and everything listed above in my Strategy Sessions.
-Weekly checkins to get feedback and support and keep you accountable and moving toward your goals.

Yes, we’ll cover your website, your social media, your email marketing. We’ll talk through the best platforms for you, and the best ways to show up on them.
I’ll open my rolodex for you. So if you’re in the market for a graphic designer, a virtual assistant, and more I’m happy to share what I’ve amassed in my 5+ years of working online.

We’ll look at your 90 day plans.
And don’t be surprised if we talk about your biggest dreams…It’s just what I do.

But also? We’ll talk about how you want to show up each day. For your work, for your family, for your friends. Who you really want to be, and how to make that happen.

Cost: $1800
Today ONLY: $900
**Enter Code MDMAKEOVER at Checkout.

**Extended Payment Plan Available!**



**Note: There are NO RETURNS for this purchase, so be sure you want it before you buy it!!

Passion Project Launch

The one you’ve been waiting to launch but you haven’t made space in your life yet. Yes, let’s make that vision a reality!

How it works:

Tell me everything you can think of related to this project of your dreams. What is it? Who is it for? How do you want to share it? What are you doing when you’re working on it?

Once your vision is clear, we’ll set a path to make your dream project a reality.

**I’ve been working this process for years and can honestly say that I’ve created a life of passion projects. The only way to make it happen, is to make it happen!

2 Options For You:

1.) 6-Week Plan

This plan is for you if you want to take fast massive action to get your dream off the ground. There’s a lot of moving pieces, so this option is for you *only* if you have 5+ hours to spare each week. Don’t worry, once you’ve made it through this part, it’s very possible you’ll be able to run your dream on less time.

6, 1-hour calls via Skype or FaceTime

2.) 12-Week Plan

This is for you if like to take massive action in approachable chunks. Take your time, feel things through, and watch your idea come to life in this 12-week period.

12, 30-minute calls via Skype or FaceTime

Some of What We’ll Cover:

–Website: do you need a new one, or will you incorporate this idea into your current website?
–Marketing: email marketing, which social media platforms are best for you, planning out your marketing
–Tools: what new tools/resources do you need to make this happen? What stuff are you going to do yourself, and what stuff needs to be
–Daily/Weekly Tasks
–Delegation: How and when to pass things off so you have space to do what you love

6-Week Program:

Cost: $1800
Today ONLY $900

 Enter Code MDPASSION at Checkout! 
**Extended Payment Plan Available!**
12-Week Program:
Cost: $2400
Today ONLY $1200
Enter Code MDPASSION at Checkout! 
**Extended Payment Plan Available!**
**Note: There are NO RETURNS for this purchase, so be sure you want it before you get it!!

What others are saying…

“My business has grown exponentially since I started working with Dana. I was so excited to embark on this adventure with her and her team. When I’m talking to her, Dana is completely focused on me and my business. She really listens, and that is not a skill everyone has. She also follows through on any and all ideas.”

“Thank you so much for your words, Dana. I was just doing gratitudes, and I wrote that I am so grateful for you and your encouragement in my business and life and what a light you are to me. And then you sent that text, and my heart just exploded with gratitude even more.”

“Dana helps me to think through my ideas and is willing to try anything. She has helped me turn my crazy idea into an actual business and I am forever thankful for that!”

“You are always right on time with your sage advice! Wise beyond your years.
Thanks for your vision. I’m living my best life each day.”


Having troubles deciding which option is right for you? Let’s chat!
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ABOUT dana cherie

Dana Cherie creates empowering experiences for women. With a background in marketing and development, she has a passion for helping ambitious women entrepreneurs identify their most fulfilling goals, and create a game plan to turn big dreams into reality!

A mom, wifey, entrepreneur, self-professed foodie & fitness enthusiast, and inspired lover of life, she has a serious knack for making the most of each day.

Favorite mantra: “This day will never come again.”

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