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If you’re feeling like you have all.the.things to do and have NO idea how you’ll get them done…

1.) Write them down.

Do a quick 5-minute brain dump. If possible, do them in a format that you can keep by you all day.

Make a Google doc or similar. If you use a piece of paper, make sure to carry it with you all day. Or use a Note/similar list function on your phone, which is likely always by you!

2. Prioritize.

Look at everything you need to do and decide what to do now, what to delegate, and what shouldn’t be on your list (at least for now). Check this video out if you want some tips on how to decide.

3.) Take Action.

The cure for overwhelm is action. If you’ve sorted your list using the video above, you now know what you need to do now. So start doing it! You’ll quickly create momentum.

**A productivity tip: Do NOT start doing things while doing other things. If something comes to mind that is not in fact the most important thing you can be doing with your time RIGHT NOW? Add it to your list and process it later.

Stay clear.
Stay focused.
Take massive action.

Happy creating!!

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