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***This day will never come again.***

So often we allocate our spiritual practice to 20 minutes a day (if that)…

to pray,

or meditate,

or whatever your practice is.


And the rest of the day? We spend rushing toward (or fretting) the future, lingering in the past… out of tune with this moment.


But the truth is that *this* moment is the ONLY moment that matters. The only one that exists.

The past? Is only a memory.

The future? An idea.


And each moment you spend not really here, in this moment, is a moment you will




And if you let your life slip by this way, one day you will look back at a life half lived.


But if you can turn your life into a meditation (or prayer)…

…if you can stop judging and labeling all the things going on in and around you…

…and just *be here*, for what is *right now*…

You will see that ALL of life is happening FOR you.

Right now…

And now…

and now.

This day is your beautiful, beautiful gift.

And it will never come again.

This message came to me from Caroline Myss. As I’ve lived this way, it’s changed my whole life. I feel things differently now.

If you’re feeling out of touch, or out of control, or just looking to get a little more in tune than you were yesterday, check out this video. It might be just the thing you needed today.

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