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This morning I stopped by social media and noticed that my news feed was just flooded with angry thoughts regarding the Charlottesville events.

While I understand that people are angry and hurt and that there is healing to be done, I honesty felt overwhelmed with all the anger. And then I was reminded of Deepak Chopra’s words::

“There is no way to peace. Peace is the way.”

It reminded me that now, as much as ever, we have an opportunity to transcend, to evolve, to choose love instead of responding to hate. I wrote these words on my Facebook feed and wanted to share them here with you. ❤

See hate, choose love.
See hate, choose love.
See hate, choose love.

I know, I know, it’s easier to respond to hate with more hate. But you know what that leads to?? The embodiment, and subsequent emanation of even more hate. You become that which you so deeply detest.

But if you dig deep? You can choose love.

The choice — and thus the power — is (always) yours and what you give your energy to is what you will experience.

And I will share this: if you can let go of all the anger and the hurt and the pain that the *other* is causing – with all their hateful thoughts and actions and deeds – and choose love?

You win.

You break free from that prison of hurt and pain and anger and discover deep peace. A peace that surpasses all understanding.

What was that phrase? Ah, yes, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” It’s so easy to do when it’s easy to do… harder to do when it’s hard.


Wishing you peace if you find hate in your heart today. ❤