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You can change your whole life today.

Things happen in our lives that set us back.
Shit’s not always easy.
As a young mom who gave birth to a daughter just 3 weeks after turning 18 and 2 weeks after (barely) graduating high school, I get it.
For years my trunk stayed half packed with me and my daughter’s few belongings, always ready to move in a moment’s notice.
A week here, a month there… some days I had no idea how I’d make it through, especially with a child to care for.
And a lot of times I felt like I was failing as a mother.
Everything was so hard.
And life felt really fucked up.
I wondered: Why me??? What is the meaning of this???
It didn’t seem fair.
But then one day I made a CHOICE.
I knew was that I did NOT want my whole life to go that way. I didn’t want to forever be the victim of all.the.things that happened “to” me.
So I started studying.
I started college when my daughter entered Kindergarten.
I started reading everything I could get my hands on about metaphysics and the nature of reality.
I read *voraciously* (still do), and applied what I was learning.
I changed the way I perceived my past.
I changed the way I spoke, because I realized that my words create my reality.
I changed the people I hung out with, and eventually surrounded myself with people who realized there was more and were doing the work (but only after a long period of not having any friends at all).
I interned for one of the most influential teachers I’ve known.
I chose powerful women to model myself after and learn from.
And for the past 9+ years I’ve had a strong, patient partner by my side who has given me *unconditional* love and support and space as I’ve figured myself out.
I’ve fallen a ton, but gotten up even more. I just. keep. moving. forward.
You see, who I am today is no accident.
In one of his talks, speaking to who he’s become, Tony Robbins said “I CREATED THIS MOTHERFUCKER”. And I’m over here like #word. #realtalk
Because I rewrote my story.
I chose that my setbacks were setups.
I chose to let go of EVERYTHING that was not serving me to leave space for by blessings to shine through.
That shit takes a LOT of work. And I say that if I can do it? Given all that I’ve been through?
That ANYONE can do it.
But that’s only partly true. Because you’ve gotta do the work for yourself. And it’s so much more than just declaring you want more and waiting for the universe (or God or whatever organizing power you believe in) to drop it on you.
You have to decide that you can be more today than you were yesterday.
You have to choose to get up each time you fall.
You have to rise above in times of adversity– to become something greater than you knew you were capable of.
You have to decide that life can be better than hard, or even better than “fine”. (Because having a life that’s just medium is just as bad as having one that’s hard << and I don’t mean physical possessions/titles/etc., but real satisfaction with your life.)
You have to decide that your life is a gift–one of infinite potential. And that you have everything you need to live your favorite life.
Honestly? I’ve only met a handful of people who are REALLY doing that. But you can absolutely be one of them.
So do what thou wilt…
and realize that your life is whatever you choose it is.
And that all it takes is *one* choice to change your entire life.
With so much love,
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