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You know, *all* of life is good. Yes, even the tricky parts. Especially the tricky parts. Because those tricky parts? If you let them, they can transform your life.

Case in point, my experience last week:

Last Monday was my Empowered: New Year Retreat. One of the participants was rushing and all.the.things went wrong, and ultimately she didn’t make it. (Have you ever had one of those days? I have. They’re no fun.) Here’s where things got tricky…

She asked to attend my next event for free.

I declined because each event is unique.
I declined because she had already received the worksheet and audio files for the event and I had made all meal arrangements.
I declined because I had a no refund policy within 72 hours of the event.
I also declined because it’s against my business and personal ethics.

You see, I’ve made it a practice to a.) respect the policies of the businesses I purchase from and b.) not to ask others to compensate when I mess up.

It’s a perspective I’ve cultivated over years of doing my inner work.

She was super upset with me for declining her request, and she threatened to not spread the word about the work I’m doing. But I couldn’t compromise my integrity out of fear of her not coming to a future event. In fact, I knew that if she chose not to come — or spread the word to her friends– that it’s not meant to be. And I’m okay with that.

Now, this process wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. The first couple of days were tricky. But even when I was frustrated, I kept seeking understanding. And THAT’S where things got good.

I discovered deep lessons in knowing your values, in knowing your value, and in respecting your work and the work of others.

And I’ll go deeper on those things soon, because it’s important that we talk about them.

In fact, had this situation not happened last week, we wouldn’t be headed in this direction. I’d be working on a different project that, honestly, I wasn’t all the way excited about. But I realized loud and clear that this conversation…

around value,
around values,
around respecting our work and the work of others,
around doing your INNER work instead of expecting your OUTER world to compensate for your shortcomings…

It’s a conversation that we need to have.

Because when we hold each other to a higher standard, we RISE.

And those takeaways came from doing the work of seeing my challenge as an opportunity to grow.

So know that if there is something frustrating you today, you can choose a different lens. Don’t just wait for the situation to pass, feel like a victim, or blame others (that’s a helluvalot of power to give away!).

Because the truth of the matter… is that this life?

Is happening FOR you, not TO you!
YOU are the CREATOR of your reality!

And when you awaken to that truth, you become infinitely powerful…beyond imagination.

THAT is the power of choice.

With so much love,



PS: Remember: You have everything you need –right now!– to live your favorite life! What are you creating today?

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