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There was something about her…the girl with the magic touch.

From time to time these wild and crazy ideas would flash through her mind…

Running free through the woods.
Passionate love with her partner.
Dancing under the stars.

Her moments were sensual moments…
The way she immersed herself in the bite of a crisp apple.
Hello’s with a neighbor never looked so enticing.
And when she read books with her children, she transported them to new and magical places.

She was so alive.

She did interesting things, but it wasn’t really what she did that made her so special. It was the way she did them.

Her way with words.
Her gentle touch.
Her warm smile.

She moved through her life with intention and grace. She had such appreciation for the simple moments, and was somehow really there for each one.

To speak to her was to know love.

Yes, things were hard at times, but she always had just the right amounts of grace to make it through.

It’s like she knew she was destined for a magical life.

The sad part of her story is that she never wrote it this way.

She was always a little too busy.
One step away from slowing down.
Just short of truly living.

She wanted to slow down, but there was just so much to do.

She worked hard, and focused on the tasks at hand. She kept up with all the to do’s, and ate all the right food, and exercised accordingly. Her income climbed high, and her body looked great. But she was always so busy.

Too rushed for conversations.
Too busy to be bothered.
Moving to the next level. Focusing on what was up ahead. “Creating” her future.

Never quite here for the here and now.

She never realized how much beauty she had created. I mean, here she was: so graceful and powerful and present. With a beautiful family and business and friends. And she was captivating. Otherworldly.

How could she not see all that she had become?!

So this girl, well…

She kept trying hard.

Each day.

And so it was.

The life half lived.

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