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If you want others to respect you, you HAVE to learn how to respect yourself. The more you get clear on what matters most to you, and REFUSE to compromise on that, some very interesting¬†things happen…

1. People respect you, even if they don’t necessarily agree.

This one is really important. Our beliefs are subjective; certainly we don’t need to share the same beliefs, but it’s very important to respect those of others. If you are clear on what matters to you, people will respect you for that.

2. The people who can’t respect you for being true to who you are will fall away.

And that’s a good thing! As humans, we strive for acceptance, for belonging. We long to maintain healthy relationships with those we value in our lives. And that’s the key healthy¬†relationships.¬†If someone in your life only likes you if you’re willing to conform to their beliefs, maybe they shouldn’t be a part of your life. It’s okay for relationships to end.

3. You respect others so much more.

You realize that being true to who you are, and living that truth, takes courage. And out of respect for what it takes to live your life with integrity, you see and appreciate others’ willingness to do the same; even if their truth is not yours.

4. You set a standard for how you are treated, and you treat others similarly.

When we stop settling in our lives, and giving in on the things that matter most to us, we offer others to do the same. And we see and respect them for doing that work. And THAT courage and perspective lifts us all up to higher levels of integrity in our lives.