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Join us each week for conversations with women who are challenging the status quo & redefining what success and happiness means.


You’ll meet women who have…

scaled their businesses to multiple six figures (and beyond!) in very short periods of time,

walked away from lucrative careers to create more meaning in their lives,

moved their families across the country to be in the setting they prefer (goodbye city life, hellomountains!),

said goodbye to life as they knew it to experience wildly liberating adventures (we’re talking a trip in an RV across country, a stint in Alaska on a fishing boat, traveling via cargo ship to Dubai, Egypt, and so much more!) — all on a modest budget

and everything in between!

You’ll also hear conversations with people who have tools, resources, and insight to keep you reaching higher in your own life: money management, creating more space in your life, and more.

In these conversations, you’ll learn…

–the practical steps to creating your most meaningful life,

–how to navigate life’s challenges — from leaps to setbacks,

–what it takes to create the life you love most, on your own terms,

…and so much more.

This is such an amazing time to be alive and with a little courage, the right mindset, and awesome people in your life…the sky’s the limit! Ladies…

Prepare to elevate.





005: Maegan Watson

005: Maegan Watson

  About Maegan Maegan is a personal stylist and founder at Watson Style Group, a firm dedicated to creating wardrobes that...

004: Jenny Joy

004: Jenny Joy

About Jenny Joy Jenny and I met in Todd Herman's 90 Day Year in 2015. She is a force: mom, serious...

003: Jasna Burza

003: Jasna Burza

About Jasna Jasna is a Life and Business Strategist. Her mission is to help people wake up feeling...

002: Sunday Burquest

002: Sunday Burquest

About Sunday Sunday is a woman on a mission. When I met her in January 2017 at my New Year Retreat for Women Entrepreneurs, I was so drawn to her bubbly personality. Once we talked, I quickly learned about the challenges she's faced over the past five years. Sunday's...

001: Lara Klein Leopaldi

001: Lara Klein Leopaldi

About Lara Lara is a Health and Wellness professional with Isagenix (a health and wellness network marketing company). A part of their Start 1000 group-- a group of 18-35 year olds who surpass $100,000+ in their businesses--she currently makes multiple six figures. In...

000: About The Audacity of She

000: About The Audacity of She

In this short episode, you'll learn a bit about my vision for the show, how it came to be, and where (I think) we're headed. This is a brand new journey for me and I'm excited to share it with you! [smart_track_player...

ABOUT dana cherie

Dana Cherie creates empowering experiences for women. With a background in marketing and development, she has a passion for helping ambitious women entrepreneurs identify their most fulfilling goals, and create a game plan to turn big dreams into reality!

A mom, wifey, entrepreneur, self-professed foodie & fitness enthusiast, and inspired lover of life, she has a serious knack for making the most of each day.

Favorite mantra: “This day will never come again.”

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