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Why no, no you CANNOT put a ring on it, thank you very much!!

It occurred to me today as I left my barre class that instead of trying to lock people in your biz, you ought to let them leave when they want!!!

I’ve been going to a barre class that I’m *obsessed* with. I use ClassPass, so I hop around a bit. I like to try everything.

SO I asked at the desk of this particular club, with the barre class I’m OBSESSED with, how much membership is.


#cool. Thinking I might do that. THEN…

(Wait for it…)

…Then they dropped this on me: You HAVE to sign a one year contract to become a member.


Deal. breaker.

‘You’re not going to get me for a whole year by having ONE class I like *right now*.’

BUT?! Provide consistent quality? Keep my mind and body engaged? And I just might be there for years (Just ask my guy. He gets it.)

Cuz I love love love a great workout, and it’s something I’ve been consistent with over the years.

And, you know, even if someone *doesn’t* love working out…don’t force them to stay!!!

Goodness grief. Let them go!!

Oh well, I guess they’ll have to settle for the $15/mo (or whatever it is ClassPass pays them) instead of the $79/mo they’d get from me *right now*….

Moral of the story: Make dope shit.

Trust that your products and services are on point,
that people are going to love them,
and are ABSOLUTELY going to stick around for more.

No need to put a ring on it!!!

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