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This year has been crazy, you guys. Like, ohmygosh, so crazy.

 From losing my aunt to Stage 4 lung and brain cancer,

to working on my relationship with my daughter following a really difficult summer (parenting can be so challenging),

to healing my relationship with my mom as a result the work my daughter and I are doing

 to seeing my daughter’s school explode and collapse, leaving 2 dead and no campus for the children to meet at with just days to the start of the year (when we were *so* looking forward to getting back to the school routine.)

Plus other stuff, like my little guy hurting his arm and needing to stay home from school for days, unable to do even the littlest stuff for himself…
A friend’s husband committing suicide and me contemplating the best way to be there for her…
My cousin’s son being diagnosed with a rare disease, taking a vibrant 15 year old boy and leaving him unbearably sick in a hospital bed for weeks as doctors still, months later, look for ways to make him better.

…if I took a minute, I could add more to the list.

BUT what I will say, and what I love SO much about this life, is that I feel SO SO SO blessed. Beyond measure.

 For the people who came into my life this year to support me and those I love during really challenging times.

 For a school that I’m growing to love so deeply.

 For a ride or die partner who’s been my friend for, geez, 19 years now and my guy for almost 10.

 For beautiful children I literally thank God for every day.

 For friends who have been there to listen to me and be a mirror for me and help me grow through the hard times.

 For the heart and mind to let go of hurt and choose love.

 For so so so much joy and love and laughter and so much good in the world.

I count my many blessings.

You know, things can get hard.
Sometimes I wonder why my life is so complicated.

But with each challenge I become stronger and open myself up to so much more love. The kind that keeps me, as I write this, with an overwhelmed heart and a watery eyes and just deep deep peace and joy.

The kind that surpasses all understanding.

So, you know, you can grow through your challenges instead of just going through them. It’s not easy, but you can find a place in you that sees the beauty in every moment. Instead of just waiting for the hard stuff to pass, you can just flood your body with love and peace and compassion, with understanding and patience and joy and, you know.. those moments can become so beautiful.

Life is so good if you let it be.

I needed to share that today because it’s been kinda pent up inside of me, so thanks for reading. Lots and lots of love. 



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