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It’s not really about whether you *can* do a thing. We can all do pretty much anything.

It’s whether you *will*…

I’ve had sudden, major shifts in life, across multiple fronts, back to back (to back) these past couple of weeks.

Each time I think certainly I’ve landed at my new norm, something else happens.

Man, is that disorienting.

It’s stuff that I asked for, for the most part. Except one thing in particular, which is actually really hard.

But the thing is, when we ask for change, I don’t think we ought to turn around and complain about how that change gets ushered in.

Because we get to choose the meaning in everything.

Now, don’t get me wrong.

Hard times are really freaking hard.

No two ways about it. Seeing your challenges as good doesn’t mean you have to be all smiley and chipper and shit. In fact, that’s not healthy.

At some of the hardest moments of my life, I’ve opened myself up instead of trying to block the pain. I’ve felt it in every cell in my body. It’s deep and it overwhelms, but I let myself go there. Cry. Release. Whatever comes up.. Just feel all of the pain.

And then, on the other side…peace. A quiet knowing:

All is as it should be, and everything is okay.

The calm after the storm.

Depending on your spiritual beliefs (I imagine you believe in some higher power or organizing principle if you’re reading this)…

Releasing your worries and fears, giving them up to that higher force, is a powerful act.

When we allow ourselves to really feel our feelings, to process them, and then to release them, we experience transformation.

We become the Alchemist.
The Magician.
The Creator.

And not only is it powerful in that moment, but then when you arrive back at the good times– those really, really good times– man do you feel them so deeply. In your whole body.

They consume you.

The depth of your sadness becomes the depth (height, perhaps?) of your joy.

And you realize once more how beautiful all of life is.


A couple of weeks ago I picked up The Ecstasy of Surrender by Dr. Judith Orloff. I wasn’t experiencing these sudden shifts yet, but I was right on the verge of it, so props to the higher power that prepped me for this time.

I feel really thankful this morning.
Firm in my mission, but in a receptive sort of way.
Happy for the “good”, and for the “bad”.
One foot in front of the other, navigating each day with a pure spirit. Or doing my best at least.
(Some days I just feel like an asshole lol, and that’s okay too.)

The truth is, all of life is so good if we let it be.

Whatever is happening (or not happening) in our lives right now, we can remember…

Everything is as it should be.
We have everything we need to live our favorite lives.
All we need to do is the work. 🙂

Are you willing to do the work??