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I don’t usually do this…

I don’t usually share my really personal stories. I started writing this as a message to a good friend, and I felt a tug on my heart. I knew I needed to share it here, too.

One of the things I say on repeat is that every moment is a blessing. That all of life is so good if you let it be.

In that spirit that I share this glimpse with you…




When I started working with my life coach, life was hard — maybe the hardest it’s been.

I remember this one sunny afternoon, a few years back. I sat in the backyard of my mother-in-law’s home. She always kept a magical garden, and on this day it was in full bloom.

That week my life coach had asked me to write about… oh, I forget the topic. But always the dutiful student, I started writing…

And from me flowed this beautiful story about the caterpillar.

About this time in his life, and how special it was. A time for him to feel the earth under his feet and gaze up at the sky. To consume and grow, and to prepare. Because one day he would be a butterfly.

I, of course, was that caterpillar.

And as I wrote those words I felt a deep peace come over me. With the sun kissing my skin as I breathed in that beautiful garden, I felt such gratitude.

Gratitude for my family.
And the strong women in my life.
Gratitude for the beauty of nature.
And for music.

And all of the little things.

I was grateful for my life, and for the process of becoming.

It may have looked like we had little, but really I had so much.

And I felt so blessed.


Flash forward to 2017.

This year I’ve tried my first aerial class, And my first dance class. And I love throwing on my headphones and dancing at home.
My body is deep in its flow– and for a girl who was always afraid to dance… that’s saying a lot.

Last week I had a dream where I was running down a hill.

With good friends on my left and right, we floated down that hill toward clear blue water ahead. Green trees surrounded us, and the sun shone brightly on us.

All of a sudden, I did a cartwheel… and then a flip. Each one led to the next, and as I pushed off the ground I felt my body glide through space.

With each flip a little lighter.
Each cartwheel a little freer.
A little closer to flying.

Less bound by the rules of my mind.

To think, for years I’ve practiced lucid dreaming, hoping for that outcome. And all I needed to do was be that person when I was awake??

I woke that morning, my heart racing with the thrill of the adventure.

The butterfly who found her wings.




There’s not just one moral to this story.

It’s appreciation for the moment.
Feeling how blessed we are.
Knowing what matters most.

It’s seeing the beauty in our lives.
And being present for the present.

It’s people who show up to support us on our path.
And life cycles.
Full circles, growth, and surrender.

And leaps.
And flying.

It’s whatever means the most to you today.

Because maybe today’s your day to leap…
Or maybe you’re just trying to make it through the day.

Wherever you are in your journey, know that you have everything you need to live your favorite life.

And that everything you’re experiencing is a blessing.

All you need to do is see it.

With so much love,



PS: If you’re ready to take a leap in your life, and would like support on your path, message me here! I’d love to hear what’s inspiring you.



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