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Recently I experienced some drama in my life, which led me to this mantra:

When we hold each other to a higher standard, we rise.

This means when we hold each other accountable for our thoughts, words, and deeds, we help each other let go of our excuses and reasons. We reach higher. Collectively, we rise.

Now, I am passionate about evolution and becoming more. I love when others realize they can do the same… and I love surrounding myself with others who ARE doing the same.

I shared this takeaway with my partner, and he presented me with this thought:

When we hold OURSELVES to a higher standard, we rise.

Now let’s talk about this, because it is SO true.

The reality is that whatever you choose as your truth, you will see reflected back to you. Think about a stressful time you’ve encountered recently…or perhaps one you’re going through now:

If things get hard and you choose that you are the victim, you will find people that validate that position:

“Yes, things are so hard for you!”
“That is absolutely the moral of the story!”
“Hopefully this passes soon so things will be easier for you again!”

On the other hand, let’s say you look at the situation differently. Let’s say you decide that you are not a victim, but rather the Creator of your WHOLE life. That things happen FOR you and not TO you.

What happens then???

You attract people who share those beliefs. You see…


Everything you are experiencing in your inner world is reflected back to you in your outer world.

Whatever you commit to, you become a magnet for. And if you’re doing your work? Collectively, YOU RISE!

And those not doing the work? Fall away.

So, on the topic of not holding OTHERS to a higher standard… Yes, you see potential in others when you have done the work on your self. You know what is possible for them.

But here’s the thing:

You can’t expect ANYONE to embrace your truth as their own. And you certainly shouldn’t require it for your own ascension. Because if you do, you will not rise… or at the very least will postpone your ascension till others are ready to ascend.

That’s a lot of power to give away! (Not to mention, another form of being a victim!!)

Your power in every situation is to be true to who you are. To hold YOURSELF accountable to your truth. To raise the bar on what you expect from yourself. And to be kind enough to not judge others for seeing differently than you.

In fact, you should probably thank them for providing you the duality to help you grow.

In short: BE THE CHANGE you wish to see in the world.

You will, in fact, see it.

With so much love,



PS: You have EVERYTHING you need in this moment to live your FAVORITE life! What are you creating today???

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