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So you wake up in the morning and you’re…

  • sluggish
  • tired
  • not in the mood
  • not feeling clear

Maybe you think…

“Should I take a day off? Is this a sign that I should just lay low?

“I can’t really create what I want from this sluggish state, so maybe I’ll instead go for a walk… or watch Netflix… or some activity other than the one that’s moving me toward my goal.”

Now, don’t get me wrong. I think occasionally this is necessary. But if that’s your usual response, and don’t challenge yourself to rise above your drama, you’re not going to move into that next level in your life. Because (I’ve said this before)…


Needing a day off because all.the.things are happening to you and not doing the thing you *promised* yourself you would do, is just another form of being the victim.

This week one of my girls asked me how I always have such a clear, energized state (I forget her exact words, but this is how I received it). And I thought ‘Well… I don’t!’ And that’s true.

But what’s ALSO true is that EACH and EVERY morning I take *very* specific steps to get myself into my preferred state. Every. Morning.

Because what I don’t have time for? Is making excuses and not living my favorite life.

And just to be clear, you need to be doing work you really love. Or at least checking in if you’re feeling tired day, after day, after day to see what else is going on there. I’m absolutely not recommending that you ignore clues to greater health, whether it’s mental or physical. Quite the opposite.

But, if you’re doing work you love, living your life the way you want to, and taking care of your body, then you can ABSOLUTELY push yourself beyond what you thought you could do and Blow. Your. Mind.

So, if you want to see what I do each day to create momentum in my life,

Watch the video at the top of this page.

Love, love, love,




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