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Sometimes the things we want seem so far away. And sometimes they seem like they’re in conflict with everyone else’s best interests. You know what I mean…

  • wanting to invest in yourself, but there’s more pressing bills to cover.
  • wanting to take a new class, but it’s on a busy day at home.
  • wanting to freshen up your wardrobe, but your kids need new shoes/shirts/uniforms/all the stuff that they need..

It’s natural for us to want to take care of everyone around us, and to make sure our people are good.

But here’s the deal: if you always put others first, and never quite make it to your own stuff, you rob yourself of deep joy and satisfaction. And through your behavior, you teach your people…

  • To deprive themselves of joy and satisfaction.
  • That their dreams don’t really matter…at least not if others need them more.
  • That a mediocre life (a “good” life) is good enough. You don’t need to be truly happy.

Ouch… But true!

Probably not the effect you want to have on those you love, eh?

But, you can turn that around if you start prioritizing your deepest needs. In fact, if you start taking action on the things you want the most?

  • You’ll naturally show up more for others.
  • You’ll find yourself more present, loving, and engaged.
  • You’ll be happier.
  • You will naturally create space for others to pursue their dreams.

The list goes on. Essentially, you change the world around you by having the courage to do what you love. It’s a win-win scenario. And all it takes? Is for you to make the choice.

So in that spirit, I’ve crafted a little challenge for you this week. This simple but powerful exercise will give you tons of clarity around what you really want, and how to get it.


Creating What You Love


Step 1: Brain Dump.

Take out a piece of paper, or open your journal, or open up a document on your computer and do a brain dump. Write down all the things you’ve wanted to do for the past days/weeks/months/(years?), but haven’t gotten around to yet.

This can be in your work, your personal life, your relationships with others, hobbies you’re interested in…write it all down.


Step 2: Clarity

For each item on your list, jot down a.) how long you’ve been putting it off for, and b.) what the barrier is– the reason you haven’t done it yet (time, money, fear…what’s holding you back?)

Just writing down all of the things you want, and why you don’t currently have them will provide so much clarity. You’ll see where you’re holding yourself back and not giving yourself permission to do what you love.

Maybe just doing these 2 steps has caused a breakthrough. If so, you can stop here and let that sink in…

But if you kind-of already knew you’ve been getting in your way, then keep going! The point is to push yourself!


Step 3: Action

Pick one thing on your list (bonus points if it’s the thing you’re most excited about!) and make it happen this week. Now, there’s likely still barriers, so you’ll have to decide whether you plan to make a way, or an excuse. I think you can do it!!!

Here’s a few examples of what that might look like:

  • Trip to Paris: maybe you can’t fly out this week, but how can you start moving in that direction? Start studying French? Research prices, and places you’d love to visit while you’re there? Get your passport?
  • Write a book: What if you just scheduled just 15-30 (non-negotiable) minutes each day to write…even if it’s just for this week?
  • A new product/offering for your biz: Can you research what tools you need to make it happen? Send an email to 5 prospective clients asking them to have a 15-minute conversation with you, to see if it’s something they’d be interested in if you developed it?
  • A new class (dance, art, cooking, fitness…), but the schedule’s not working: Can you ask someone to watch your kids so you can go? Arrange other transportation is it’s a time you’re without a car (ie: Uber)?

Essentially, if you had to make these things happen, how would you do it???

Challenge yourself to remove your barriers.

Here’s the thing:

Nobody’s sitting around waiting to give you all the things you most want for your life. If you’re waiting for permission, the right timing, all the money to appear, or whatever you think needs to happen before you can do what you love, just know that it may never happen! Or at the very least, you’ll waste a lot of time waiting.

YOU have to decide that you are worth it.
That the things you love matter.
And let that excitement be bigger than your fears or excuses.

If you can do that, what follows is pretty magical! And the choice, as always, is yours.

Are you ready??

With lots of love,




PS: Feeling stuck? Not sure how to move from dream to reality? Let’s talk!

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