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Each week, you can expect conversations with women who are challenging the status quo & redefining what success and happiness means. You’ll meet women who have…

  • scaled their businesses to multiple six figures (and beyond!) in very short periods of time,
  • walked away from lucrative careers to create more meaning in their lives,
  • moved their families across the country to be in the setting they prefer (goodbye city life, hello mountains!),
  • said goodbye to life as they knew it to experience wildly liberating adventures (we’re talking a trip in an RV across country, a stint in Alaska on a fishing boat, traveling via cargo ship to Dubai, Egypt, and so much more!) — all on a modest budget
  • and everything in between!

Also, look forward to conversations with experts who have tools, resources, and insight to keep you reaching higher in your own life: money management, creating more space in your life, and the list goes on.

In these down-to-earth kitchen table conversations, you’ll learn

  • practical ways to create your most meaningful life,
  • how to navigate life’s challenges — from leaps to setbacks,
  • what it takes to create the life you love most, on your own terms,
  • and so much more!

This is such an amazing time to be alive and with a little courage, the right mindset, and awesome people in your life…the sky’s the limit!

Prepare to elevate.

Here are a couple of my favorites so far…

Jasna Burza on Abandoning Dreams, Redefining Yourself, and The Work that Matters Most
Sunday Burquest on Surviving, And Turning Big Challenges into Big Blessings