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Being stuck sucks. It sucks your energy. Lowers your vibration to a lower, slower-moving frequency, where it’s hard to get anything, well, moving again. And it seems to happen when we’ve got all.the.things to do today.

Insert: Something Different!

Which is like the HARDEST thing to do when you want to keep.pushing forward. But that’s when you actually need it most. When you’re feeling stuck and behind, you need to step back from what you think you should be doing, and open yourself to possibility.

So when your mojo is just not flowing and you’re feeling super stuck, try one (or more!) of these…

1.) Get out of your space.

Sometimes when you sit in a space too long, you fill it with stagnant energy. Simply moving your work station elsewhere– whether it’s a different room or a different location altogether–will literally put you into a new space with fresh energy and new possibilities.

2.) Move your body.

Stagnant energy in your body = stagnant energy in your mind. #realtalk Once you get the energy in your body unstuck, you’ll feel a lot freer in your mind. So if your thoughts and actions have NO flow, stop what you’re doing, turn on some music (if you’re diggin it), and move!!

Maybe it’s dancing, maybe it’s stretching, it may be going for a walk…just listen and do what feels so awesome.

***Note: Do NOT think about this too long! If nothing sounds good in your head, just get up and start doing something. You’ll find your flow.

3.) Take a cleaning break.

Our physical space and our mental space are so connected. If you clean something in your environment, answers to life’s problems are often presented to you. Even if cleaning doesn’t yield immediate results, you’ll feel so much better sitting down in a space that’s clean. Works like magic.

4.) Help someone else.

Take a break from your agenda and be of service. Call someone you know would love to hear from you. Or help someone in your family, or a neighbor, or friend. There’s always ways to help.

When you place your energy in the frequency of service, you climb a little higher than that stuck, trying to get it done, personal agenda vibe. It’s really freeing, and as a bonus, you stay in tune with people you appreciate most.

Let It Go!!

The trick to making this work, to getting out of your stuckness and back into your flow, is that you LET GO of the thing you’re stuck on. If you hold onto it while you’re doing one of these things, you’re gonna stay stuck.

SO when you let it go, really let it go. Do something different and the answers will be presented to you when it’s time.

It’s the subtle forms of surrender, like listening when things aren’t working, that create the life you love. You just have to be willing to do the work! The REAL work! Of listening, letting go, surrender…you get the theme. SO bookmark this list, and next time you’re stuck come and give one a try.

I’d also love to know what tips help you get out of your stuckness. Feel free to let me know in the comments below!

All my love,

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